Wednesday, October 7, 2009

W.O.W.!! It's about time...

My cousin Becky is throwing another W.O.W. (within one week) blog giveaway! If you want to join in on the fun go to Becky's blog and link your site! Anybody can do it! The more the merrier!!

My wow challenge this week isn't a really hard one, but one that's been a long time coming lol. This chair was Chad's chair when he was a little kid (hence the C on the back of it). His parents gave it to us a little over a year ago and Avery sits in it all the time, but it's a little blah, so I said when we first got it I was going to paint it and put some sort of rub on on the back of it... Well here it sits over a year later still blah. SO, that's my challenge for this week, to paint the chair!! I've got some extra paint sitting around, some pink and some green I think, so we'll see what comes of it! And hopefully I can get to Tri-Cities to grab a rub on or two to put on the back. I think a flower would look cute! I'll get back to ya in a week with the results!
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Everyday Becky said...

What a fun project! : ) I can't wait to see the end result! Thanks for playing along!

Paint, Emily, paint! : )

Ali said...

That is such a treasure! It's gonna look so cute when you're done with it! Go Em!

Everyday Becky said...

Just stopped by to cheer you on!

I bought some stuff for my project today and got started a little bit. Still not exactly sure what I'm doing, but I'm having fun. : )

Can't wait to see your chair! : )

The Jernigan Family said...

Go Em Go...I am somewhat afraid of paint. We are going fising on the Humptulips and Razor digging next weekend, and then getting ready for our Hawaii trip that is the beginning of November. What are you guys doing for Thanksgiving? It is the off year isn't it? We May go down to Nasselle since all the Holman boys will be hunting, but who knows...not alot to do in Nasselle. So if you guys are going to the beach this year, maybe we will join you, if not,, maybe sometime between Hawaii and Thanksgiving. I thought it was cute your dad called Jeramy. When is he heading over to the coast to fish? Anyways, good luck with your project. What camera did you get? One like Heidi's? I'ld love one like that...I have an SLR but it is film. Love any walkers yet...I see they are getting pretty close....they are getting so big!!!