Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Coleslaw and So Much More!

Avery's been all about dressing Mal up lately. Here are a couple photos of the things she's pulled out of her toy box to dress her up.
She has to make sure her hair goes with the lovely glasses.

The bunny ears I bought for Avery her first Easter

To make matters worse, both Mallory and Layla are pulling themselves up to stand already in their cribs... guess it's time to move the mattress down!

Coleslaw and Avery had so much fun last week! He was up here for 4 days and spent his time between our house and Mimi and Pappy's house. Avery loved having him around! The last couple days she's woke up and immediately asked where Coley is. I think we'll have to have him up again real soon. Here they are riding the power wheels.

They played with the very dried out playdough quite a bit too, but seemed to be able to make a few things out of it.

Here is Coles... uhm.. House? lol. At least that's what he told me it was LOL.

Getting ready to run through the sprinklers.

I love this picture for some reason. The way he's looking at her lol. They really did have a blast! And Avery loves her Coley Man. Thanks for staying with us Coleslaw!

Oh, and I can't forget to add the picture of the cherry pie Cole and I made. It was super yummy. Didn't last very long either!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dirty Chad??

Who ever said it had to be Dirty Harry. Here's Chad with his first "kill" of the year. He got this coyote right before dusk and was very proud because he'd shot it with his Encore pistol with the 22-250 barrel on it. Here is my warrior husband with his trophy coyote.

" Do you feel lucky coyote, well... do ya??"

Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer Fun

My friend Jen watched my kids for me the other day so I could go to a luncheon with some people from church. She is AWESOME. Anyway, I came back after the luncheon and hung out for a while longer, Avery wanted to run through the sprinklers, as usual, so Jen and Andy set up the sprinkler outside. She had so much fun She even got Jen in there with her. I had to run through a few times too. It's so funny, she runs through and squeels. I love it. The only nice thing about 100 degree weather! Cooling off!! That kid really does love the water doesn't she!

This next picture is of my cousin's daughter Amy holding Mal. Becky came to Katy's on her way to her mom and dad's and stayed for a night so the kids and I decided to come and visit. I'm glad I got to see her! Amy loved holding those babies. She kept reassuring me that she was really good at holding on to babies, that she holds Ben Ben (her brother) all the time lol.

Mal doesn't look too upset about it does she!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lots and Lots of Videos! (Cannon Ball Parade Included)

Here are 4 videos from the last week. There are two videos of the girls eating their first bites of solid food, one of Mallory scooting army crawl style, and one mantage of the "cannon ball parade" as it's been come to be known as. I'm sorry if I missed your cannon ball! I got in the pool and joined in on the action after a bit. I must say, I am still very impressed with Uncle Norris's double flip!! But my favorite has to be Katy's, well, whatever that was, at the end of the video LOL. What a goober. Oh, and forgive the quality. I had to compress them down quite a bit to fit them all on here!

Friday, July 10, 2009

4th of July, and a visit to Mo's!

I'm sorry I haven't posted 4th of July pictures until now, but I've been gone!! Sunday after church I left and went to my cousin Mo's to visit and have some fun. Dawn and her kids were there too. We had a blast. Avery even went swimming in the lake all by herself! Well, she had water wings on, but I was still impressed!

The fourth was a blast! We went to Katy and Mike's and swam, and ate, and visited with great friends and great family. I'm so glad that my sister is willing to open her doors and throw a great party. It's a lot of work, and I really appreciate it! So here are a few pictures of the last week. I also have some great videos, but will wait until I have them edited to do a video post of the cannon balls on the 4th. The pictures are a little out of order, but I added a lot, so I didn't want to go through and rearrange them lol.
Mo and I were making fun of this picture forever... I'm not sure what kind of pose this is lol, but it cracks me up.
She looks so sweet there doesn't she? How deceiving a camera can be!! lol

Aunt Barb reading Avery a bedtime story

Avery IS coloring on paper here, the paper is just brown, but as you can see, she didn't hesitate to color on everything else around her, including Mo's walls!!

Avery and Berg ( or as she likes to call him, Boogy) after a climb in the dirt mound

Just a taste of the kids that were around this last week. the babies were never in need of attention!! Devon was so good with them. He even sang Layla to sleep the day we left lol. So cute.

Uncle Norris and Mia holding Avery and Sage.

Chad celebrating his countries independance lol.

I love this picture. We only got her to hold one sparkler because the first one she held sparked a little too much and she ended up getting a tiny little ember on her hand. She had fun though.

Mike lightening Avery's sparkler. cool picture!

There were lots and lots of kids, and TONS of sparklers lol. I have a few pictures thatmake it look like their yard is on fire!

Andy making faces at Mal

Jen making Layla smile! Love this picture
She is such a beauty. She was playing in the kiddy pool here.

This was the morning of the 4th, getting ready to go lol. What a goofball.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Beautiful Girls

Avery is growing into such a beautiful girl, and the girls are almost 6 months old!!! On July 5th, they will be half way to that huge one year milestone. So sad. I love these pictures we just got taken, just had to share them with everyone!