Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dirty Chad??

Who ever said it had to be Dirty Harry. Here's Chad with his first "kill" of the year. He got this coyote right before dusk and was very proud because he'd shot it with his Encore pistol with the 22-250 barrel on it. Here is my warrior husband with his trophy coyote.

" Do you feel lucky coyote, well... do ya??"


The Jernigan Family said...

Oh my gosh, Norris is going to be SO So SO jealous! Are you going to stuff it and mount it on your wall like our porcupine? lol. Tell Chad he looks very manly with his gun and his kill, way to go!

Everyday Becky said...

Lookin' good, Chad! ; )

Katy said...

LOL that is so funny! Mike is jealous and wants to know if the pelt is in good condition! OMG What a dork!!! NO we are not keeping it in our freezer! been there done that! lOL