Tuesday, December 23, 2008

sleeping at the table

Yesterday my mom and dad watched Avery for me while I went to the Dr.. We came home to pick her up and this is what we found. She had been eating pizza and fell asleep at the table. I guess she had tried to put her face right in her plate first, but then my dad went back and got a pillow for her to sleep on. She was completely out of it. I laughed so hard. Thanks for watching her for me mom and dad!!
No new news really on the baby front. We're still just waiting for them to arrive, which could be any day. The non stress test I took yesterday went really well, they were moving like crazy. Baby A, the lowest baby, is head down and staying there, so no C-section will be planned, YAY!! I will let you all know when they arrive. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas! I'll be putting up some Christmas pictures after Christmas day. We've already had a few Christmases, and have a couple left to go, so I don't want to have to do 10 different blogs lol.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Finally a Christmas tree!

On Monday when I was in Yakima, I finally picked up a Christmas tree. I wanted to get a small one to put on the table because I didn't want to have to deal with a lot of decorations, putting up and taking down a Christmas tree while I'm so hugely pregnant lol. We found a cute little tree, of course when we got it home and put it in the stand it wouldn't stand straight at all, but oh well. I'm just glad we finally have a little more Christmas cheer in our house!! Avery is very happy. Ever since people started putting up Christmas lights on houses she yells every time we pass one and says "Pretty lights!!". So now she has her own pretty lights in her house. We also got a chance to go outside and play in the snow a bit. It was cold, but not quite as cold as it has been here. She loved it. It's snowing now, we'll see how much we have to play in tomorrow! And yes, I can't believe I got two blogs up in one day too... it's amazing.

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New Snow Jacket

We got this coat for Avery a while back figuring we'd need a warm jacket for winter. She's been wearing it a lot more lately, obviously, but what's funny is that she wants to wear it in the house all the time, that and her new snow boots. That coat is really warm, you'd think she would fry in it, but she doesn't care.
She's actually wearing her rain boots in this picture, but whatever works. She just likes boots in general lol. I don't think we'd bought the new snow boots yet when I took these pictures.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Belly picture, and two hicks

I have had a few people ask me to put up some belly pictures. Here is the most recent. I would like you to all know I am being very brave putting this up, because I have one of the ugliest pregnant bellies in the world lol. I am 33 weeks and doing great. Sleep has been quite a bit better the last few days. I'm still uncomfortable, but I'm pretty sure I can expect that to stay the same until these kiddos arrive. I've been a little concerned the last week or so because I don't feel baby b move hardly as often as baby a, but today baby b is making feel a lot better by dancing around in there quite a bit!! So here it is, the babies belly.

Secondly, I was at Katy's house yesterday, and Avery and Joey were wearing these cowboy hats around. Just thought it was a cute picture. I tell you what, these kids get into so much trouble!!! spitting milk all over the place, breaking Katy's christmas ornaments, turning on the tub and getting their clothes all wet... they are going to cause so much trouble when they get older!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

November stuff

So I know I've been terrible about blogging, but I really haven't felt like sitting on the computer!! So I thought I'd get on here real quick and post a couple pictures from last month. Just to keep everybody updated on how everything else is going, here's a little info. I've been goign to the Dr. every two weeks. Everything is looking great, I'm feeling miserable lol, but the babies are right where they are supposed to be. I just found out at my Dr. apt. yesterday that baby A (the lowest baby) is finally head down, woo hoo!! So that means I most likely won't have to have a C section. They are moving around like crazy, and growing fast. I think it's pretty crowded in there. I have another ultrasound scheduled for Dec. 22 to make sure they are in a good position and check their growth, until then I am going to start going to the Dr. every week and he's making me go to the hospital everytime I go see him to have a non-stress test done just to make sure the babies are doing fine.

Other then that, Chad and Avery are doing great. Avery has no idea what is in store for her real soon, but she's been really good with Katy's baby Eli, and so I'm hoping she's going to be really good with our two new ones. She's feeling a little left out I think because I can't lift her up anymore, but she's getting lots and lots of attention from her daddy which has helped a ton. Chad has been able to be home a lot, and he's been awesome. It's a good time of year to have twins that's for sure!! Thanks to everybody for your prayers, looks like they are working. Can't wait to show everybody pictures of the twins!! Just a few more weeks to go.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ultrasound pictures!

These are ultrasound pictures taken this last Monday. I am 28 weeks and doing just fine. Babies look healthy and are growing!! Can't wait to actually see them outside of my belly :). This is Baby A. This baby is slightly larger then Baby B. If you can't tell what you're looking at, it's a profile picture. The baby's head is on the left facing up.

This is baby B (slightly smaller then Baby A). This is another profile picture. The baby's head is on the right and facing up. It's a little tougher to see the nose because there is a little hand behind the face that fogs up the profile a little bit.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pumpkin Patch and Halloween Fun

This last week was a busy one! On Wednesday Avery and I went to the pumpkin patch with Mom, Charlie, Dan, Heidi, and all their crew. We had lots of fun, but it did take a little bit to get Avery into it, but she ended up really having a good time. Then on Friday it was Halloween!! Avery dressed up as a kitty cat. She was so excited that morning when I showed her her halloween costume. She wanted to be in it all day. We went to Katy and Mike's and went trick or treating over there, then went back to their house where my mom had set up a whole spooky set up with a cauldren and everything. Mike and her had also set up some really cool stuff in the garage for the kids to play with. There was a pinata, pin the stem on the pumpkin, and tons more. It was a lot of fun!! But we were definitely ready to go home when the day was over.

Avery threw a fit when we first got to the pumpkin patch. She threw herself on the floor and was screaming and yelling. Of course I had to take a picture, what a wonderful mother I am...

When we finally got outside she was a little happier. She got to ride on the duck.

Next we took a hayride out to the pumpkin patch.

This was the first pumpkin she picked up, but not the one we ended up taking. It was a little yucky on the other side.

Here's her cheesy smile. The pumpkin next to her is the one she picked out.

Then there was the straw maze. She did really good actually. I didn't have to help her too much. She just followed the other kids.

Here's her and Maddy. They had fun together.

Here's her kitty outfit. I was surprised she didn't rub the face makeup all over her face in the first fifteen minutes lol.

Who is this lady?? She wasn't scared, surprisingly. She was just super curious.

Avery and Joe were more interested in destroying the pumpkins then knocking down the pins I think. The pumpkins didn't last very long after they got ahold of them.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

6th folder 6th picture

My sister Katy and another friend, Cassie, did this kind of blog. You find the 6th folder in your pictures and pick out the 6th picture in that folder and post it. Here is a picture of Avery attempting to dress herself in my t-shirt lol. It was taken this last July. She likes to pull whatever she can out of the laundry basket while I'm folding and put it on herself. I would have older pictures but as most of you know, my computer crashed last summer and I lost all my pictures, so all my folders are pretty recent, but this one's a good one anyway. Hope you all do this, it's fun to see what picture pops up!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Having fun in the nice weather!

This last week the weather has been awesome!! We've been outside every day playing with the dogs. Chad's been working really hard trying to get our lawn extended a little bit. It's looking really great! Avery got to ride on the tractor with him for a little bit too! Also, a friend of Katy's gave Avery her daughter's old VW Bug car stroller. It's Avery's new favorite toy. She loves that thing!! Anyway, here are a few photos from the last week. Hope everyone else is enjoying this great fall weather as much as we are!

Riding the tractor with Dad!

Her new car. She loves honking the horn lol.

I had to throw this one in. I always try to catch Chad when he's playing guitar hero because he makes the funniest faces. He saw me trying to take this picture so he exaggerated a little bit lol, but it's not too different then his regular guitar hero face...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fun at the Cabin

Last weekend Chad, Avery, Charlie and I went to the cabin with Katy, Mike, and their "entourage". We had so much fun. Chad and Mike went hunting Saturday and little Sunday, and Katy and I took the kids down to the reseviour (sp) that their emptying to play. It's always fun for me to watch Avery play with other kids. Her and Joey have so much fun together, when their not fighting lol. Most of the time in the cabin was spent trying to keep both of them from climbing the stairs. They would climb about half way up and then look at Katy and I with that, "You think you can catch me" look. All the other kids had fun too. Cole and Charlie really got into playing in the mud in Rimrock. Gracie was busy chasing babies and being a little mother hen lol. She's so helpful!

They also had fun playing with the neighbor kids. The cabin next door has some new owners. They had 4 kids, 3 that were there, and they were all similar ages to Charlie, Gracie, and Cole. They built forts and made banana boats. Katy and I liked it because we got the cabin to ourselves for a short bit! Here are a few pictures of our fun weekend.

Eating Lunch down on the Beach!

This is the best picture I could get of all of them. The bigger kids ran directly down to the water so they are too far away to really see lol. Avery and Joey attempted to follow, but didn't get anywhere fast with all the big rocks to climb over.

Two little trouble makers. They knew they weren't supposed to be climbing those stairs!!!

Avery's favorite seat, Eli's carseat! Joey tried to climb in with her at this point, but Avery wasn't too happy about it. I was cracking up because she was screaming and yelling at Jo, but when I took the camera out she stopped, looked at the camera and said "Cheese!". When I put the camera down she went back to screaming and yelling lol.

And of course I had to throw in a picture of Eli. This is what he did most of the weekend...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

My bathroom's done! YAY!

I've been wanting to paint my bathroom for a long time, and finally, a few days ago, I went over to my mom's and stole some old paint from her so I could just get it done. After putting the first coat on, and then putting it off for a few days because I didn't want to go back to painting, it's finally done!! So it's not the bathroom of my dreams, at least it's not as ugly as it was before. It used to be half blue, like royal blue, and half white. Wasn't pretty. I'm happy with it. It feels good to have at least one thing that I want to get done before the babies get here done!
Next I have a couple picturse of my girl. She love love loves corn on the cob. It's hillarious to watch her eat it. I swear this kid can clean an ear of corn faster then I can. I couldn't help but take a couple pictures.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

A little to cramped in the crib...

I walked into Avery's room this morning while she was still sleeping, and had to get this picture. She's been doing this the last couple of weeks, sticking her feet out of the crib. It cracks me up. I think she's just like her dad that way. Chad likes to stick his feet out the end of the bed and hates for them to be covered by blankets at all. The ball above her head is this glow ball that she's had for a long time, it's basically her night light. Good thing she won't be in the crib too much longer lol.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Is that what I think it is??

Two heads???!!!
Yup! Chad and I are having twins. I know, I'm still a little shocked myself. We're super excited, still trying to get used to the idea, but we are really excited. Please keep us in your prayers that the babies stay strong and healthy. They look really good right now!! There is always a small possibility with twins that I could go into premature labor, and that I may have to go on bed rest, which is not at all what I want! But as long as those kids are healthy we'll all be happy. We still aren't going to find out the sex of the baby, oops.. babies! So now we have to come up with two girl names and two boy names. And although my due date is going to stay at January 24th, I will definitely not make it there. Dr. tells us that most women pregnant with twins will go into labor on their own at 36-37 weeks, and that he won't let me go past 38 weeks. So it looks like we're going to end up with a couple early January or even late December babies. Here are some face pictures of the two kiddos.

Baby B

Baby A

So, there ya go. I can't believe it myself. It's amazing. After getting over the initial shock of it all, all I could do was just thank God for giving us two more blessings. What a great gift!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New Nephew

I know you are all dieing to see him, so here he is!!! Elijah Scott Isley, born 10:18 am Sept. 9th, 9lb 12oz, 20.5" long. He's doing pretty good. They did have to keep him in the nursery, and probably will overnight tonight because his blood sugar is a tad low and his color was a bit on the purplish side when he was born. If you're wondering what that big bandage is on his left hand, that's where they put his IV in for his blood sugar. He's bright pink now, and his blood sugar is doing great. Katy is doing fine, but stressed about not being able to be with him 24/7, but that'll all change tomorrow. So keep them all in your prayers! Her are a few pictures of big sis with her new little brother. I think he looks a lot like Gracie and Joey, so basically another Mike baby!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


I know this sounds silly, but last night I was praying because we've got all this stuff we have to get done before the baby comes. It seems like there is no way we are going to have enough money to get those things and now having to think about buying a new computer, well.. it was stressing me out. So this afternoon I come over to the computer and I thought, what the heck, I'll give it a shot. After 5 days of it not wanting to turn on, and I did try every single day, for some reason it just decided it would work. THANK YOU GOD! It's just one thing we don't have to worry about.

It's been a while since I've put pictures up, so I've combined 3 blogs into one. The first pictures are those from our vacation. We went to my grandparent's cabin on Rimrock. It was a blast. Avery loves throwing rocks in the water. The picture where she is crying is after she fell in the creek. I'm sure that water was freezing, but I couldn't resist taking a picture.
Then there are pictures of last weekend. My cousins came over for a visit from Spokane (Liberty Lake). Angie and Ben Abshire and their 4 beautiful kids. Their daughter Sarah is close to the same age as Avery, so it was fun watching them play. And of course they all loved the slip n' slide.
Last but not least, my kitten had her kittens today. Our cat is almost a year old. We were definitely not planning on her having kittens, but it happened. Of course, since we didn't really want kittens, she had to go and have 6!! Well, 6 so far. I'm pretty sure she's done, but it's hard to tell. She's doing really good though, and the kittens are adorable. Super tiny! If you want a cat let me know lol.
So that's that for now. I'm sorry I haven't kept up very well, but I swear something is always going wrong with this dang computer!! Thanks for the comments on earlier blogs. At least I knwo there are people who want to keep up with my family :).