Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's been way too long!

Hey everybody! I haven't blogged in such a long time, and it definitely has not been because there's been nothing to blog about lol, it's because I've had no time!! So here is a long story short.

For spring break weekend my sister, my two cousins Dawn and Mo, and the all the kids and I went to Lincoln city!! Thanks to my Aunt Barb and Henry we were able to stay in these awesome condos right next to the beach. The weather was pretty lousy most of the time but we still had so much fun! There were sooo many pictures that I loved from that week, but I don't have the time to put them all up lol, so I'm adding a couple of my favorites at the bottem of the blog.

When we got back we had Easter Sunday at my mom and dad's house. It is always fun getting the family together! Avery had a blast hunting easter eggs but by far her favorite thing was the gigantic bunny Chad... I mean the Easter bunny, brought her in her basket. I've never seen a smile so large on her face lol. I'm so glad that we were able to be back for that Sunday! I always want my kids to know the real reason we celebrate Easter and our church does such an awesome job of teaching that. He is risen!! Thank you Lord.

About a week later I went in for my 22 week ultrasound. Baby looks good! And no, we don't know the sex, but we know it's a healthy baby with ten fingers and ten toes lol. Can't wait to meet him/her! I'll add a photo of the ultrasound as well. I know there are a lot of pictures on here, I just couldn't stand to leave some of them out lol.

so that's the jist of the last month or so!! I'll try to be a better blogger!