Friday, January 29, 2010

Another sleep over!



Avery and Joe have so much fun together, but let me tell you what, sometimes they can get it REALLY big trouble together too! Like spreading cinnamon and paprika all over Avery's room the other day for instance... But I had to put this picture up of them attempting to change Mal's diaper. I was folding laundry and heard Mal fussing so I walked over there and, not to my surprise, they had Mallory on her back with her pants down and her old diaper off. Avery had pulled out a new diaper and was trying to put it on, but couldn't quite figure it out. I had a good laugh about this one. Thank God it wasn't a poopy diaper they took off!! And the headbands? Yeah, not sure why but Avery loves to pull out the baby's headbands and put every one she can find on her head. Joey likes to do it when he's here too, I suppose it's because he doesn't have stuff like that at home to play with because of the lack of baby girls in their house lol!

Anyway, I love that kid, and even though they can drive me absolutely up the wall, I love when he comes over! The pictures of them on the swing crack me up too. We go to Katy's and they can swing on that thing all day and you can see their smiles from a mile away! They really are good kids. Thank you God for those kiddos!
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Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Mal and Layla!

The Presents!
The Cake!
The Bath!
The Haul!

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We had a great time on the 10th celebrating the twins 1st birthday! I can't believe they are a year old already! Not too much to say, the pictures show most of the action. I was a bit surprised with the cake situation. I figured Mal would be the one to dig in and Layla would be daintier, but it was just the opposite! One of the greatest things about them turning a year old, no more nursing! LOL. I am so happy that I've been able to nurse my kids, but let me tell ya what, I am really happy to be done nursing twins! I'm proud to be able to say I made it a year!! I love you girls! And I think God every day for giving me the both of you! What a gift for me! Now on to 2... Not so sure I'm ready for that :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas... a little late I know!

We had a lot of fun this year on Christmas with two more kids to celebrate with! We had Christmas morning at our house. We woke up, opened stockings, and opened presents with the kids. It's so nice to be able to have a little time just for our family! the kids got lots of fun things! Mallory was more interested in eating the paper and the bows then anything, and Layla just wanted to make sure she wasn't going to miss out on anything!! Avery loved ripping open her presents. I think this is the first year she really really enjoyed Christmas! It was so much fun to watch her!

Christmas afternoon we went to my parents house and spent the rest of the day there. Lots of family around! It was fun as usual. The kids love being able to play with all their cousins! And of course there is a lot of treats to go around!! The girls opened up a few things when we first got there. Avery was especially happy with the tinker bell doll she got from her Nana I think! She hasn't put that thing down for a second since she got it lol!

After Christmas day we got together with Chad's parents at our has and had a great time with them too! Of course there was a little pinochle, and a lot of laughs. Avery had definitely figured out the present opening thing by then and was ready to go when she saw them come in with presents!

All in all it was a great Holiday season! We had fun on New years with Jeff, Jani, and Brian! And today we celebrated the twins 1st birthday at my mom's house! It's been a busy couple of weeks!! I'll be posting a birthday blog in a day or two!! I can't believe they are 1!



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