Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fun at the Cabin

Last weekend Chad, Avery, Charlie and I went to the cabin with Katy, Mike, and their "entourage". We had so much fun. Chad and Mike went hunting Saturday and little Sunday, and Katy and I took the kids down to the reseviour (sp) that their emptying to play. It's always fun for me to watch Avery play with other kids. Her and Joey have so much fun together, when their not fighting lol. Most of the time in the cabin was spent trying to keep both of them from climbing the stairs. They would climb about half way up and then look at Katy and I with that, "You think you can catch me" look. All the other kids had fun too. Cole and Charlie really got into playing in the mud in Rimrock. Gracie was busy chasing babies and being a little mother hen lol. She's so helpful!

They also had fun playing with the neighbor kids. The cabin next door has some new owners. They had 4 kids, 3 that were there, and they were all similar ages to Charlie, Gracie, and Cole. They built forts and made banana boats. Katy and I liked it because we got the cabin to ourselves for a short bit! Here are a few pictures of our fun weekend.

Eating Lunch down on the Beach!

This is the best picture I could get of all of them. The bigger kids ran directly down to the water so they are too far away to really see lol. Avery and Joey attempted to follow, but didn't get anywhere fast with all the big rocks to climb over.

Two little trouble makers. They knew they weren't supposed to be climbing those stairs!!!

Avery's favorite seat, Eli's carseat! Joey tried to climb in with her at this point, but Avery wasn't too happy about it. I was cracking up because she was screaming and yelling at Jo, but when I took the camera out she stopped, looked at the camera and said "Cheese!". When I put the camera down she went back to screaming and yelling lol.

And of course I had to throw in a picture of Eli. This is what he did most of the weekend...


Ali said...

Wow, what a good post, Em! The pictures are super cute. I'll bet it was fun having Katy and all the other kids there...but I bet it'll be funner for you to be there with a bunch of women scrapbooking!

Just kidding :) See you Friday!!

The Jernigan Family said...

You guys should call us next time you do that since it is like half way for all of us. That is Jeramy's hunting area so he knows all the super secret spots...Seriously call us next time you are there or at the beach, I miss you guys!! and want Sage to start playing with the kids...I am going through withdrawls! Now that Jr is working all these hours we have some extra money and he is gone again all next week...once I find out what night my friends are coming over and after or before Volleyball maybe I will drive over if you guys are going to be there! I think if you have 2 girls you should name them Mary Kate and Ashley. :o) Lets see what other celeb twin names are there...Max and Emme, Vivienne and Knox, Hazel and Phinneus, Jake and Hunter, Savannah and Eden, lots of twins lately...Love you

Colleen said...

It's always so nice up there. Whenever i'm up there I always look across the lake and think my kids would love exploring there. Then...I realize it's time to get back to scrapbooking...hahahahaha! Avery is a crack up. I'm glad she holds her own against Joe Joe. Meagan loves him, but he doesn't show much interest unless she has something he wants...hahaha. But she always finds his pictures on the frig and goes around saying something close to "Joe Joe". Can wait...almost one week away now!! YIPEE!

Katy said...

That was a lot of fun Em, I'm glad you guys went with us! I love watching Joey and Avery play, they crack me up! I don't think I have ever seen two toddlers there age actually play together like they do! It's like they have one mind! We are sure in for it one day! The two of them together is only going to mean one thing... TROUBLE! Love ya!