Thursday, September 25, 2008

My bathroom's done! YAY!

I've been wanting to paint my bathroom for a long time, and finally, a few days ago, I went over to my mom's and stole some old paint from her so I could just get it done. After putting the first coat on, and then putting it off for a few days because I didn't want to go back to painting, it's finally done!! So it's not the bathroom of my dreams, at least it's not as ugly as it was before. It used to be half blue, like royal blue, and half white. Wasn't pretty. I'm happy with it. It feels good to have at least one thing that I want to get done before the babies get here done!
Next I have a couple picturse of my girl. She love love loves corn on the cob. It's hillarious to watch her eat it. I swear this kid can clean an ear of corn faster then I can. I couldn't help but take a couple pictures.


Ali said...

Good work, Em! I know how unfinished projects can drag you down, so I'm glad you finished it. It looks really good!

Can't wait for scrapbooking weekend!

Colleen said...

She's too cute with her corn. Is it from the farm up there? I LOVE LOVE LOVE that corn too. So yummy straight from the fields to the pot!!
Can't wait for some power scrapping!!

Katy said...

Yummy yummy, we had some the other day that Mom brought down. I think we ate it like three days in a row, but you can't get sick of that stuff! Joey doesn't get much corn off with his teeth, but he likes to pick it off with the cob holder! Bathroom looks great!

Cass & Joe said...

Cute bathroom! That's always fun, no matter how much better it looks. It's different and yours, and I'll bet you feel very accomplished!
You might have some competition with Haylie!!! She LOVES corn too and will eat as many ears as she can until it's gone. Congrats on the babies!! :)