Friday, July 10, 2009

4th of July, and a visit to Mo's!

I'm sorry I haven't posted 4th of July pictures until now, but I've been gone!! Sunday after church I left and went to my cousin Mo's to visit and have some fun. Dawn and her kids were there too. We had a blast. Avery even went swimming in the lake all by herself! Well, she had water wings on, but I was still impressed!

The fourth was a blast! We went to Katy and Mike's and swam, and ate, and visited with great friends and great family. I'm so glad that my sister is willing to open her doors and throw a great party. It's a lot of work, and I really appreciate it! So here are a few pictures of the last week. I also have some great videos, but will wait until I have them edited to do a video post of the cannon balls on the 4th. The pictures are a little out of order, but I added a lot, so I didn't want to go through and rearrange them lol.
Mo and I were making fun of this picture forever... I'm not sure what kind of pose this is lol, but it cracks me up.
She looks so sweet there doesn't she? How deceiving a camera can be!! lol

Aunt Barb reading Avery a bedtime story

Avery IS coloring on paper here, the paper is just brown, but as you can see, she didn't hesitate to color on everything else around her, including Mo's walls!!

Avery and Berg ( or as she likes to call him, Boogy) after a climb in the dirt mound

Just a taste of the kids that were around this last week. the babies were never in need of attention!! Devon was so good with them. He even sang Layla to sleep the day we left lol. So cute.

Uncle Norris and Mia holding Avery and Sage.

Chad celebrating his countries independance lol.

I love this picture. We only got her to hold one sparkler because the first one she held sparked a little too much and she ended up getting a tiny little ember on her hand. She had fun though.

Mike lightening Avery's sparkler. cool picture!

There were lots and lots of kids, and TONS of sparklers lol. I have a few pictures thatmake it look like their yard is on fire!

Andy making faces at Mal

Jen making Layla smile! Love this picture
She is such a beauty. She was playing in the kiddy pool here.

This was the morning of the 4th, getting ready to go lol. What a goofball.


Becky said...

Wow. Is that where Mo lives? What a great view!

You got some fun pictures from the fourth.

Em said...

It's actually a lake house/cabin that is in her husband's family that is intrusted to them. We stayed kind of half the time there and half the time at their house which is only like 5 minutes away. I have a great picture of you holding Avery at Katy's! I'll have to email it to ya.

Heidi said...

Great pics Em. I love the lake house,bet they have lots of fun there. Glad you had a great time. it looks like Avery did too!

The Jernigan Family said...

Looks like you had fun! That first picture cracks me up looks like she is waiting for a bucket of water to fall on her or had so much fun on the the picture of Chad and the sparkler and beer, how more American can you get! Love ya

Katy said...

I'm so glad you got to go to Mo's and totally bummed that I didn't, but maybe next time! I'm glad you had fun now! The pictures look awesome! I'm sure adding my 4 kids to the bunch would have made it even funner! LOL Avery is a crack up, always making me laugh!