Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Smarty Pants

Avery can almost sing the ABC's all the way through correctly. Here is her version of it lol. Still, I think it's pretty good for a 2 1/2 year old!!


Also, some of you that are my facebook friends have seen this video, but I was asked to put it on my blog because other's were having a hard time seeing it. So, here is the "love hate relationship" video of the twins. They really do loving kissing each other :)



The Jernigan Family said...

Very cute, and yes Avery is so cute with her ABC's. Your mom looks like she is enjoying her grand babies. Man how time flies, they are really growing up, no wonder you are so the hair by the way! Oh and I had to turn your Thriller off, I know it is halloween, but MJ REALLY? ya...and how is your chair craft coming along? Love you guys! word verification is Emily, how eerie is that

Katy said...

Such a smartie! She must take after her Aunt! LOL Love that girl! And those two little kissing cuties...can't get enough of them! Love you Em!

Jani said...

All right, Avery! Next time we get together I'll insist on a live show!

Ali said...

First of all, LOVE the Thriller...gets me in an MJ mood! And that Avery really IS a smarty pants, isn't she? All your kids are absolutely adorable and loveable. :)