Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Carving Pumpkins!

The other day Chad walked in the house with three pumpkins, one was gigantic! Ever since he brought them Avery has been beggin me to play with the pumpkins, so today we decided we'd better get it done so we're not rushing to do it at the last second! I decided it was best to wait for the twins to go to bed, so ended up staying up way too late, but Avery had a blast. She loved sticking her hand in the pumpking guts, or "pumpkin poop" as she called it... We took out all the seeds, cleaned em up and baked them too! Once Avery got ahold of some seeds she wasn't quite as interested in the pumpkins, but she did draw a face on hers for us to cut out. Ok, so we did a little editing on the drawing. All of them turned out great! If you're looking at the finished pumpkins, Avery's is on the left, Mine is in the middle, and Chad's is on the right. I was so glad Avery liked it. I was thinking she might get bored or crabby, but we stayed up until almost 11 and she was excited about it the whole time. I love to carve pumpkins!
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Katy said...

What great pictures! I'm glad you guys had fun! You should take pictures of the twins in the big pumpkin! LOL

Ali said...

Ummmm...the picture of Chad looking at you out of the corner of his eye is freaking me out.

Anyway, what great pictures! Love the fact that Avery can stay up late and do fun stuff without being a crab like my kids! Great pumpkins!