Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My 100th post...

I've seen a lot of people do this, and I thought I'd give it a shot. I figure, if I only get half way through and can't think of anything else, I just won't post it! So if you see this, it means I made it lol.

1. I'm starting this post on Tuesday night, but probably won't be able to finish for a couple days!

2. I love my new camera! I use it all the time. I think Chad is getting annoyed with me snapping pictures at him lol.

3. I love that my sister and I share a bond that is unlike any other because we both have a relationship with Christ!

4. I love Jesus Christ and will never feel worthy of what he did for me on the cross, but am just getting to the point where I am completely accepting it.

5. I have three amazing daughters!! Two of which are twins!

6. My daughter Avery has some weird obsession with poop. She calls everything poop.

7. My husband works physically harder then any man I personally know, and I am so proud of him.

8. Did I mention that he is also my best friend, and I love him to death

9. I met a girl whom I concider to be one of the greatest friends I've ever had only just this year, and I don't know what I would do without her already (yeah, it's you Jen!)

10. I believe that I am a member of the greatest church on this earth with the greatest pastor on this earth!

11. I'm looking forward to taking Avery trick or treating on Saturday, but not looking forward to fighting with her over how much candy she can eat lol.

12. My birthday is Friday and Chad and I are going to dinner with Jeff and Jani at PF Changs!

13. My cousin Jeff and I share a birthday!

14. I think my nephew Cole is one of the funniest people I know, maybe one of the cunningest too, but definitely the funniest.

15. My Mom and Dad only live a quarter of a mile down the road from me in the house I grew up in, which means I have basically lived in the same area my entire life lol.

16. I think that my Mom and Dad are the greatest parents anyone could ask for, and I love them so much.

17. I can't wait to take off in a couple weeks to go down to California with my family! It's going to be so much fun.

18. I'm wondering what Avery will think about Disneyland, but I have no doubt she will enjoy every minute of it!

19. I'm the new girls basketball coach at Bickleton High School!

20. I'm not sure there is a school smaller than Bickleton High School... lol

21. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday are three of my favorite days of the week. Saturday I have worship practice, Sunday we have church, and Monday I have mainstream. Three days of great worship with some fantastic people!

22. I really hope the Lord comes soon because I'm scared of my kids growing up in this world.

23. Jane likes to feed my kids cookies, but I love her anyway lol.

24. I miss my Papa, and can't wait to see him again in Heaven!

25. I'm worried about my family and friends who aren't saved and pray for them constantly.

26. I'm still in shock that I gave birth to two babies at the same time. I don't thinkthe shock/amazement will ever wear off.

27. All of my daughters middle names come from people who mean a lot to Chad and I. Avery is named after my sister, Layla is named after Chad's mom, and Mallory is named after my mom.

28. I wish my sister lived closer so I didn't have to only see her once a week/two weeks.

29. We have three dogs, Homer, Harley, and Marge, and I love all three of them, although they make me want to rip my hair out at times.

30. I'm not sure we'll ever have a nice yard, because we love dogs too much lol

31. We live in a run down double wide trailer, and we are REALLY looking forward to being able to get out of here one day!

32. I get so many hand me down clothes for my kids from people that I never HAVE to buy clothes. This doesn't mean I don't, but I don't have to. Thank you to all of you who give me clothes!

33. Just in the last couple of years I've become much closer to my two cousins Dawn and Mo, and love doing things with them and my sister. We have a lot of fun together!

34. I wish my cousin Mia lived closer so we didn't have to wait months in between visits. Love you Mia!

35. I was a little annoyed tonight that biggest loser was cut short because of NBA stuff... I hate the NBA.

36. I love college basketball!

37. I'm a Pro-Lifer, always will be. I can't imagine truly believing that the "thing" inside of you isn't a life.

38. I need to go grocery shopping very badly!

39. I really don't like to dust, so if you ever come to my house and there is dust on the window sill or shelves, now you know why!

40. My oldest daughter Avery can be so naughty! I keep saying, "it's because she's two Emily, don't freak out" but sometimes I feel like she is way naughtier then other two year olds!

41. My sister's son Joey and my daughter Avery get along so well, I love to watch them play together.

42. I don't love to watch them be naughty together!

43. Chad, the girls and I are going to go to the Redwood Forest, and I'm so excited! I've never been.

44. Chad and I went in with my sister and brother in law and bought my grandparent's cabin in Goose Prairie.

45. I wish we'd had more time to go up there this year. But I'm planning on going up a lot next summer and a couple times this winter!

46. My friend Jen has the same camera I do, that's where I first fell in love with the camera, so it's all Jen's fault!

47. I'm so happy that the summer is over and that Chad has more time to spend with us, he works too hard!

48. I have eaten my mom's and my sister's taco salad hundreds of times, but up until this year had never made it myself.

49. I love to bake, and I fancy myself a decent baker!

50. I just went on a girl's scrapbooking weekend this last weekend and had a blast. I got a lot done!

51. I had to take the twins to scrapbooking weekend, and Layla decided not to let anyone sleep Saturday night. Sorry girls!

52. Chad and I are worried that if we decided to have another baby, we'd have 3! lol

53. It's funny how you think you know how you're mom feels, and then when you have children you realize you had it all wrong!

54. I think it's funny when I hear things come out of my mouth that my Mom used to say to me, and I swore I would never say.

55. My mind is constantly wandering, and I will laugh outloud sometimes thinking about random things. Sometimes this makes me look a little silly.

56. Because my mind wanders, it's hard for me to focus on conversations for long periods of time. So fi I ask you to repeat yourself, I'm sorry in advance!

57. I had a much sharper brain before I had kids, now I think it's been blended into oblivion.

58. Now that the temperature outside is cooling down, we have these huge brown house spiders showing in our house. Avery thinks they are awesome. Me, not so much...

59. I'm on the worship team at church and I love everybody who's involved with that.

60. I feel so blessed to have the opportunities I have to travel places and see things others might not be able to.

61. When the wind blows it sounds like the roof is going to blow off of our house.

62. One time it actually did...

63. I still miss my first dog Maggie. I hope we get to see our old pets in heaven, because she was my best friend when I was little. I loved her.

64. My cousins and I used to have a club when we were little. We would have meetings on the bus ride to school. It was called the Helpers club.

65. I'm pretty sure we never really helped anyone.

66. I have a letter my cousin Matt wrote to everyone in the club and everytime I read it I laugh so hard I cry.

67. Jane made some 7 layer dip for mainstream on Monday, and I'm still thinking about it... It's sooo good!

68. I have a horrible sweet tooth.

69. My cousin Jeff and Jani moved up on the hill a few years ago and I couldn't be happier! We do quite a bit together.

70. Even though my Mom and Dad live very close, I see them more in town that at their home lol.

71. My parents have become two of my best friends. I love that I can tell them anything and know that they will be honest with me.

72. My pastor and his wife are like my second set of parents. I love them like they were my first.

73. Pizza is by far my favorite food and I could eat it every day. I know because when I was in college I worked at a pizza place in the CUB and I ate pizza every day lol.

74. I miss playing basketball competetively, and have dreams about it a lot.

75. I love those dreams where you are running, and you never get tired. It feels so great!

76. I hate to run in real life lol.

77. I just got done watching the Hannah Montana movie, by myself, and I loved it.

78. I'm wondering why blogger is all of a sudden double spacing my numbered comments when I put them in here in single spaces... hmm

79. Layla got her first tooth on the 20th and has one coming in right behind it! Mallory's teeth are right there too. It's always exciting when your kids get teeth, not sure why, but it is!

80. As of today I have all the girl's halloween costumes, and I can't wait to get them on them and take pictures with my awesome camera lol.

81. I got a birthday card in the mail today from Nedra Smith, she never misses a birthday or an anniversary! She is an awesome person.

82. We are doing a Christmas play for church, and I have a small role. It's going to be so funny!

83. We did a long study of Roman's 8:28 in church and it is now officially my favorite verse in the Bible!

84. I think Avery's favorite thing to do is throw rocks in Katy and Mike's pool. Sorry guys!

85. I think her second favorite thing to do is rip the paper off of crayons...

86. I want to paint the wall behind the kitchen sink but I've been waiting for my cousin Becky to have another WOW blog to do it lol.

87. I think my cousin Becky is one of the strongest people I know having overcome everything she's been through, and I love her for it!

88. I am the 8th person in my class to have twins (that I've heard of). Our graduating class was 197 people.

89. I'm so happy I have a husband who not only supports me as a stay at home mom, but wants me to be happy with whatever I do!

90. It's almost time to take Avery's power wheels and put it in Mimi and Pappy's garage to stay out of the winter weather. Thank you so much for letting us store stuff in there Mom and Dad!!

91. I hear so many horror stories about in laws, and I feel very blessed to have the ones I have, they are great!

92. Our neighbor had a huge vegetable garden this last summer, and kept our fridge fully loaded with zuchinni, onions, cantaloups, watermelons, jalapenos, cucumbers, and much much more!

93. I'd like to have my own garden next year, but I won't do it unless I can do a raised garden. It'll probably be a small one!

94. My mom's cousin Toni gave me a rooster lamp for my wedding, and originally I wasn't really sure about it (just being honest people) but I'm so glad I kept it and have it on my desk because now every time I look at it it reminds me of her :)

95. Same goes for the glass bowl that Mable gave me sitting on my dining room table! I miss those gals.

96. There is no better feeling then the blessed reasurrance I have that, no matter what, God has set asside a place for me in heaven, and I will see so many that I love again!

97. I love roller coasters, and haven't been able to go on one in so long because of beign pregnant every time we go to a theme park. I can't wait to go on one again in a couple weeks!

98. The thought of anything infinite or eternal is so mind boggling, and people wonder why we don't understand everything God does...

99. I can't believe I only have one of these left! This wasn't as tough as I thought lol.

100. I have the most wonderful people in my life. You all know who you are! I doubt everyone I care about will read this, but those that do, thanks for taking the time out of your busy busy lives to read a little randomness about me. I hope I didn't bore you lol.


Jani said...

I'm glad we live up here and get to do stuff like go to PF Changs Friday! You'll have to bring the letter Matt wrote to the club! LOL!!

Ali said...

I LOVED THIS, EM! All of your things were so honest and funny. I wish you would have 200! LOL! Is one of the random things you think about and burst out laughing when Katy said the gas station looked closed, so they didn't stop? LOLOLOL! I am still randomly laughing at that.

Anonymous said...

You had me laughing! Miss you girl...and have a Happy Happy Birthday!- Whitney

Katy said...

I love you Em and I love your girls as much as my own kids! You may think you are blessed but I think we are the one's blessed with you in our lives! Quit laughing at me now about the gas station thing. Seriously..... I wasn't driving! LOL Well I'm glad I can amuse people with out even trying! LOL

The Jernigan Family said...

Ya I wished we lived closer too! #91 stuck out to me..lol. I didn't know that you were the head coach at the high school. Seriously Emily, where do you find the time to do all of these things! You amaze me! Ok now I have to see you and Jen's camera because now I want one. Love you! and Happy Birthday Tomorrow!