Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Party Time!!

Last Saturday we had a birthday party for Avery, Joey, and Cole and Garland's Gymnastics in Kennewick. It was so much fun, Chad and I have said that we're doing it there every year!! The kids all loved it, and Avery especially loved the sling shot part. My cousins, Dawn and Mo, also came over for the weekend and stayed with Katy. I spent most of the weekend there visiting with them. it was a lot of fun!

Avery never took that sucker out of her mouth. She didn't even take it out to blow out her candles lol.

This was definitely her favorite part. She's getting ready to bungee across the room. I have a video but can't put it up...dial up...

She really liked the zip line too. I was surprised she was able to hold on all by herself!

This picture cracks me up. I wish I'd a gotten a good one of her looking at me. After she went down the slide her hair was full of static.

My cousin Dawn with the twins.

Cousin Mo with the twins.

Layla and Mallory after a bath. Can you tell who's who???

The babies are doing so well. Growing fast! I'm not sure how much they weigh, but I know that they are a LOT bigger then they were a month ago lol. They're smiling now, of course I can't catch it on camera, and they are cooing a lot. I'm planning on taking them and Avery in soon for Avery's 2 year picture, and their first photos, so I'll be putting those up as soon as I get them!


The Jernigan Family said...

you need to put an answer key at the bottom...lol...they look so much alike in those bath pictures!

the waud's said...

We had sooooo much fun at the party. My favorite part was watching all the little ones having the time of their lives... I must say it was fun for the mommies and daddies too (your never too old for having a good time:)LOL) I can't believe how big the girls are getting I really can't tell them apart. Have a good week Em and Thanks again for the great time at the party.

Katy said...

Wow they do look alike, but I'm pretty sure that Layla is on the left in the towell picture and it's Layla first then Mallory in the bath pictures! It's the hair that gives it away to me though! We had such a great time at that party! I think we should do it together as long as we can get away with it! Thanks for driving down everyday this weekend! It was fun! I hope you find your Webkinz tag! I mean Avery's! LOL

Em said...

I know!! I hope I find it too lol, but so far no luck. You're right about the pictures too. layla is the first bath picture, and she is on the left in the towell picture :)

cassi said...

They look so much alike! SO beautiful!

Hughes Family said...

Em, so glad to meet them. It was nice to spend time with you and hold the babies. Take care, Love Ya Mo