Monday, June 29, 2009

Miss Avery and her sissies

A week ago, Avery and I went to visit Jo and Aunt Katy. Avery always has fun with Jo Jo. My cousin Mo was there with her kids.
Avery probably torturing the poor Burgler to death.
Riding Mike and Katy's new lawn mower

Oh yes, the Barbie jeep is back in full force people.

Lately my little miss Avery has been getting into quite a bit of trouble. Today she took the lotion and smothered it all over Layla and Mallory's hair...
You may not be able to tell, but she looks like a grease head

As does Layla...
Today she really played hard. We went over to my mom and dad's house and she ran through the sprinklers with Belle (their dog) and wore herself out. We got home, I made dinner, and by the time we sat down to eat, well, just see for yourself!

And I swear, I try very hard to get that hair out of her face, but she keeps pulling rubber bands/barretts out of her hair!! This was shortly after a bath though. Lucky she didn't get food in it. LOL. It's been fun so far this summer. We're looking forward to lots of play time with cousins and friends. See you all around!


The Jernigan Family said...

LOL.we are going through the same "inbetween" hair phase in her face, but you can't really leave it up in the crib. I got all of her hair into one pony today. We bought Sage that same jeep, and got a 1 seater with it for $75 on craigslist. Oh boy, I bet that won't be the first of torture those two will get from their big sister! We both had high fevers and colds today, so if it doesn't break by Wednesday my Dr doesn't want me traveling to get more sick before surgery. Hopefully we will be feeling better. Poor Jeramy has been taking care of her all day, and is now sitting outside her door listening to her are such softies!

Katy said...

Too cute Em! I'm glad you got some pictures of our "new" lawn mower! :) We had a great time last week! Glad you took pictures of the girls greasy heads. Isn't blogging therapeutic? LOL probably saved Avery from getting into serious trouble! LOL

Judawn said...

Sarah and I watched the video together and thought it was great! Kids are sooo funny.