Saturday, June 27, 2009

Just a few updates

I took Layla and Mallory in for their 6 month check up on Friday. So far so good! They look "strong and healthy" the doc says. Mallory was 15lb 6oz, and Layla was 13lb 11oz, so she is falling a little behind lol. Now she is almost two pounds smaller then Mallory. I'm pretty sure it's because that kid is in constant motion! She wants to go go go! Layla is working on crawling, she wants to completely skip the scooting stage I guess, while Mal is scooting up a storm. She's got the army crawl going on pretty well.

So there you have it. My three girls are growing too fast! I'm dreading what it's going to be like in the house here in a short while when I have two babies crawling too fast for me to keep up with! My brother suggested I bunji them together so they can't go anywhere... was funny at first, but then I started thinking hmmm... Kidding. Here is a picture I took a while back of Avery and Maddie. Maddie came over to hang out for a day and we had lots of fun making cookies and taking baths. I've been wanting to post it but hadn't found the time, so here ya go! Happy summer everyone!

Maddie and Avery enjoying a chocolate chip cookie dough beater! mmmmTaking a bath, or as Avery likes to say, "momma, I washin"


The Jernigan Family said...

I like Brian's idea! Boy you are going to have your hands full...I only have to chase 1, you are going to have 3 running in different directions...just think of the cardio workout you will get. I don't miss the crawling stage and constantly worrying about what is on the floor. That is the one nice thing about walking. We are going to start potty training Sage to see how it goes. I told you she was a picky eater huh? I swear your girls weigh almost what Sage does and they are 12 months behind ya

Katy said...

Oh they are getting big too fast! Slow down babies! :)