Monday, June 1, 2009

Letting the cat out of the bag!

This last weekend Chad, the kids and I went up to bumping lake with Katy, Mike, and their kids. We went to work on... OUR CABIN!! It's true. We went in with Katy and Mike and bought our Grandparents old run down cabin at Goose prairie. We weren't going to tell anyone until we signed the papers, but the papers are drawn up and ready to be signed, and I just can't stand it any longer lol. We had a lot of fun! It needs a ton of work. There are a lot of things needing fixing, but we are really lookign forward to getting it back into shape. The weekend was great because Chad got to spend all weekend with his family too! We took off Friday morning and got back Sunday night with no interruptions, that hasn't happened for a while in May for Chad!

Here are a few pictures of the cabin and us having fun in the cabin! Can you believe we slept 11 people in this tiny thing this weekend? It has a loft, and when we get it to the point where we feel comfortable sleeping up there, it'll be a lot better. But for now, sleeping on the main floor is all I'm willing to do!! There was a lot of Mice, a lot of Dirt lol, but we still had a LOT of fun! Can't wait to go up again!

Layla and Mallory had to spend most of their time in the play pen, we stole Eli's quite a bit because it was bigger (thanks Eli lol) They still had fun though!

This is the side of the tiny cabin. The 2x4s are for the winter to keep the snow from breaking the windows! Can you See Chad on top? lol.

Chad and Mike worked really hard on the roof putting ridge cap up and sealing some stuff off. So glad he was able to come and help!

There is a little creek that runs right next to the cabin, but it's going to be dried up here in about 2 weeks. So sad because the kids loved playing in it. Here's Chad and Avery throwing rocks in.

This is all the stuff we threw out of the loft!!! Lots of mouse nests, eeeewwww. Thanks Mike and Chad for getting rid of that stuff, I didn't want to touch it! lol

Mike and Chad in the loft window. Working hard!

This was our sleeping arrangement... KIDDING. We just put the kids in with us in the morning to play. It was a little too packed for sleeping lol.

The sun shining on Chad's face looks freaky hahah. here's Chad with his girls!

Here's a little shot of the front of the cabin. I'll keep you updated as we do more stuff. Avery is sitting here looking at the pictures as I put them up saying, "Momma, I go to the cabin!!" So glad she had fun. Looking forward to lots more fun in the future!

I think this picture is in no need of a caption... They got in plenty of trouble this weekend together LOL.


Katy said...

I'm so excited I'm so excited I'm so excited! Okay you know how excited I am, can't wait to go back up again! The kids have so much fun together! Joey is also saying Mom go cabin! LOL

Judawn said...

I'm so excited for you all! lol What a blessing for you all ~ and your girls are such cuties!!!

Ali said...

If anyone deserves to have this special blessing, it's you and Katy and your families. It will be so much fun for years to come, and I'm super happy for you!

FarnsworthFam said...

I am so excited for you guys!!! That must be a hoot!!! I remember how much fun we all had a the cabin on white pass!! I wish you guys many, many years of fun!