Thursday, April 17, 2008

Avery's "Hiding" Places

I don't know what Avery's deal is with getting into small spaces, but these are just a couple of her favorite "hiding" spots.

She'll take her favorite blanky and crawl into this little cubby hole in our entertainment center, and stay there for quite some time.

This is underneath a table behind the couch. I think this is her favorite place because she goes there at least once a day. It must be where she comes up with all her mischievous plans.

Again, crawling into the cubby hole. That box is a Christmas present that I have yet to take back. I think I'm a little behind on that one... Maybe I'll give it to somebody as a baby gift..Katy? lol.


The Jernigan Family said...

Just wait until she does that when you are out in public...remember hiding under the clothes racks? ahh...Sage wore Avery's piggy jammies last night. Love you lots!!

Ali said...

Just wait, Em... the hiding places will soon turn into pooping places, I guarantee it! Avery is such a cutie - love the pictures and her sweet smile :)

Katy said...

Those are too cute and Ali is so right! LOL! Oh and the walker, I don't think I need any more toys around here! LOL Maybe you could use it for your next one!

Sarah said...

LOL I remember hiding in cabinets and under tables as a kid, and now my kids do the same thing. It's so cute.