Thursday, April 10, 2008

My baby girl.

On February 25, 2007, Chad and I added Avery Katherine to our family. She's now a year old and keeping us on our toes! She's definately the best thing that has ever happened to me! Not sure what life would be like without her, but it's awesome with her. Here are a few of my favorite pictures of Avery!

This is my favorite picture of her so far.
Whip it, whip it good.... Avery's Devo days.

Avery's favorite thing to do... scream!
Here's Avery in her big girl sunglasses... She loves those things.


Angie said...

I'm so glad that you've joined us bloggers!! It will be fun to keep up with you guys.

Avery is a doll!! I can't wait to see more pictures.

I'm a little addicted to checking blogs so I will be back often.

Love, Angie

Katy said...

Yeah! I'm so glad you got things to work. Like Angie, I check back often! Love ya,

Jeff and Amber Haynes said...

Hey girl!!
I LOVE all of the pictures!!! Great to see you have joined the cyber cult of blogging.


Ali said...

Whoa, girl! You've done a lot with your blog already. I love it! I'm with the rest of the commenters, I'll be checking back often.