Thursday, June 3, 2010

The latest update on the Barnharts!

Things are going well in the Barnhart household. It's been an extremely mild spring. I can't believe we haven't had to water our lawn yet this year and it's June! lol. We did have a little sun a while back and I got some pictures of the kids playing out in the blow up pool at Katy's house.

A couple weekends ago Chad and I were able to take Saturday and part of Sunday off and go to our cabin. Of course we had to make a stop before the cabin and pick up Chad's new toy... a 4wheeler. We're having a lot of fun with it! I have pictures but they are on his camera so I'll have to get them off of their some other time. It was a fun day with just the two of us, and the kids have been nothing but excited about the 4wheeler since we brought it home. Avery asks to go for a ride constantly, and loves taking off with her Daddy. The twins have been happy enough riding a little around the yard. After Avery got to ride it for the first time she told me that Pappy ( my dad ) bought her a 4wheeler too and that he has to go pick it up... She hasn't let up on that idea yet lol.

Other then that, the baby and I are doing great! I can't believe I'm 30 weeks along already. Time has been flying! Of course now the last 10 weeks are going to go by very slowly I'm sure lol.

We still have the puppies here at the house, and Avery can't keep her hands off of them. She wants to love on all of them all of the time. I love this picture I got of her holding a puppy. She's growing up so fast! I look back at picture from just a few months ago and it's hard to believe how big she's gotten.

So that's the latest! Hopefully I'll have more pictures later on this summer when the weather clears up outside a bit! As for now, I'm enjoying the extra time this rain is giving me with my hubby!


Ali said...

How fun for you guys to have a 4-wheeler! I am glad Chad is getting to spend some unexpected time at's nice for you and the girls, I'm sure. Those puppies sure are cute! I miss you, Em!

Katy said...

That picture is so cute! Glad you got a little get-a-way with your hubby a few weekends ago. Be careful on that 4-wheeler prego Mama! Can't wait to see the puppies this week! Love you!

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