Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Cabin and a Few New Toys!

Earlier this month we went up to our cabin for a fun day! We roasted marshmallows, played in the dirt, and Avery got to try out her new bike!! She's actually doing really good on it as long as she's on farely solid ground lol. Chad of course had to give it a shot too before she rode it.

Last month Chad and I went to Auburn to check out a four wheeler he's had his eye on for a long time. We came, we bought, we left, and it's been a blast playing with it since then! I don't think a day goes by when he doesn't ride it. Avery hears him turn it on outside and she goes running hoping for a ride! She's already told me that Pappy has bought her a 4wheeler too and is going to pick it up... Not sure where that came from lol, but she loves going on rides with her daddy! I must say, I have really liked riding it around too. Of course I'm not doing anything too crazy being 7 months pregnant, and I think my 4wheeler riding days are over for a couple of months, but it was great getting on it at the cabin and a little bit here at home!


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Katy said...

Geesh, how come I haven't seen this! What great pictures! I love the one of Avery on the four wheeler. The looks says it all!