Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Finished Product

So, to me, it doesn't look that much different but I spent some time on it lol. Once I got everything kind of mucked out of the closet and realized that I didnt' want to take too much stuff apart I ended up putting a lot of it back in just the way it was. I was going to go get a couple shelves, but with all of us being sick the last week, that didn't happen. I got to thinking about it too, and I really didn't want to take up the space at the bottem of the closet because as the girls grow out of their clothes and I can restore them outside of the house, I'd like to do what I did in Avery's room and be able to put a little toybox in there.

I did take the plastic bags of clothes and put them in the proper tote (size wise) And I did remove a couple of totes that are going to be handed down. I went through the blankets, sheets, and mattress pads at the top of the closet and reorganized them. I took a few things down and got rid of them. I think the problem with having tiny babies is that you are constantly moving up in clothes size so you really can't organize enough! Now with two babies, each one in a different size (Mallory is one size ahead of Layla) it's even harder... I think As long as I can keep the clothes somewhat seperated into sizes and put into a tote, I'll be fine.

So, my wow project didn't really turn out quite the way I anticipated it would, but I know where my kids clothes are, and I can get to them. Well.. At least for another year or so lol.


Katy said...

Good job Em! Glad you are all feeling better! I miss you!

Ali said...

I think what you did looks great! I do that every once in awhile, and even though it may look similar to what it was before, just the fact that you did clean it out makes you feel good! So great job, Em! I'm going to have to get in on these one day. You guys always get something accomplished when Becky has these!