Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Carnival fun and a trip to Mia's

It's been a little bit since I've posted a blog, and I've been doing a lot with the kids lately, so I figured I had to get on here and post a few pictures. On Labor Day weekend, we went down to the carnival in Prosser with Katy and her kids, and Dan and Heidi and their kids. Avery got to ride her first carnival ride! She love love loved the roller coaster. I was cracking up. She would have a very serious face, and then randomly scream because all the other kids were screaming. I guess she takes her rides very seriously. She also rode on the strawberries, the airplanes, the train, and the spaceship! It was a lot of fun.

A couple days after that I went over to visit my cousin Mia. Her daughter sage is 1 1/2 years old, and her and Avery had a blast together. I don't think Sage was quite ready for Avery, but it didn't take long for them to start playing. If you want to see more pictures of that trip, visit Mia's blog.

There is a picture on here where Joe is getting off the ride, yeah they had to stop it cause he was getting a little nervous lol. But then we took him over to the roller coaster, which he didn't like the first time through, put him on it, and he was putting his hands in the air and having a blast. Funny what kids will like and not like.

I absolutely love this picture. It turned out so well. Don't let Avery's face fool you, she didn't want to get off the ride. In fact I think she rode it three times in a row. They let her, Haylee and Maddie stay on lol.

We had a fun week, and were glad we were able to make it to Mia's for a few days. The girls did really well on the trip! Didn't have any trouble getting any of them to sleep, so that made it a lot easier! Thanks Mia for letting us invade your home for a few days! I'm sure it's a little different going from one kid to four lol, but we survived!

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When you're watching the video, notice the blank stare on Avery's face when she's on the planes lol. I don't know if she was dazed after the roller coaster, or bored because it wasn't as fun a ride, but it was cracking me up. If she's anything like her father and I, she'll be riding the scary rides before she knows it!


Judawn said...

You've had a busy summer! I love the bathtub picture ~ such cute girls.

Katy said...

What great pictures! I need to get copies, I took pictures with your camera and Mom's camera but don't have any to share! :) Avery will be the one dragging Joey around the fair someday saying come on Joey take me on the zipper! :)

The Jernigan Family said...

Cute Cute Cute! We had a blast too and it was good for Sage to be around some kids..Love ya, oh and PS thanks for the cake..lol

Ali said...

LOVE the picture of Avery, Haylee and Maddie! Super cute! You are such a good Mom, Emily! Glad you guys had fun running around, and even more glad you got there and back safely! Love you, sister!