Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Family vacation, Skamania, and Dawn's

I've had the awesome opportunity the last two weeks to go one a great family vacation, another vacation with my mom and dad, and then another short trip to my cousin Dawn's. I had so much fun doing all three things! There were tons of pictures, so instead of posting a million pics I just did some collages of some of the things we did...

At Bonneville Dam we were able to watch this helicopter take off. We just pulled into the dam right when it was leaving! Was pretty cool!!
We checked out the fish ladder and all the other fun things. Ethan came along too and had lots of fun with Avery and Charlie!
At Dawns the kids had a blast. Avery got dirty every day, shocker huh... lol. Not sure why Gracie is making that face in the bottem picture! The kids "helped" Dan cut up the wood from the tree the neighbor cut down while we were there.
On our family vacation we got to go to my grandparents Rimrock cabin, our cabin at Bumping, and Mt. Rainier. It one of the greatest family vacations we've had yet. We had a great time!! Mal and Layla even got their first tastes of chocolate ice cream... You can see Layla was instantly in love LOL.
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Piovesans5 said...

Thanks for coming over! We had a lot of fun also. Dawsyn asks everyday if JoeJoe and Avery are coming back to play! I took Dawsyn to the Dr. for her rash and she thinks she maybe allergic to the pool water! O'Well I hope that she grows out of it soon! LOL Great pictures!

Megan said...

Em, It was such a great surprise to see you guys up at the cabin! I'm glad to hear you've been having even more family fun!
Ella is officially just over 17lbs 10oz so I think that means Mallory is bigger!
Keep enjoying summer. :)

Katy said...

I'm so glad that you and Chad were able to get away for a few days and take a much needed break! You guys deserve it! I was glad I got to see you during it too! :) Looks like you had a great time!

The Jernigan Family said...

Looks like you guys had a fun and dirty time! I Love Love Love your top picture of your family. It sounds like you guys have had a busy summer! So my mom is off work from the 18th until the 25th, so I have coverage then, not sure what your plans were after that if you'd be able to make it or not..I might not be good company since I am pretty much bedridden for the first 3 weeks, I just need help geting up ad down, eating and going to the bathroom and picking up prscriptions etc. Jeramy will be home for all of it, and my mom will have Sage the first week, but I am sure he would apprecicate the help! But we have a fullsize bed spare room and 2 playpens (or they could go in the nursery) and a crib for Avery, even though I know she is out of cribs. Sage typically sleeps with us, and we have been moving her to her playpen in our room after she falls asleep, but she is perfectally fine in bed with us, where she typically ends up anyways. So let us know if what works for you, but look for me to be on strick bed rest for about 3 weeks and sick per my doctor, and than non functioning for 6-8 more weeks. We have a park righ by our house, and an open indoor pool at Timberline by our house, plus my mom and dad's house is like 100 yards away if you wanted to stay there too I could ask, they will be at work though, they have about the same stuff we do (outdoor playhouse, slide, ball pit, kitchen, strollers, chalk board, misc toys, crib, 2 playpens (one really large cube one that is the size of 2 normal play pens that has toys on each side books, kid sofas, highchairs we have 2 at our house)...lol..can't wait to see you, sorry if I won't be that great of company, but Uncle Norris could keep you entertained.
Thanks for the text on my phone too, I got it just as my phone went dead...it really meant alot! Love you and talk to you soon!! PS when you write back let me know hou Aunt Marlene is doing!

the waud's said...

LOVE the family picture you all look so good:) Im so happy you were able to take a family vacation I know it a very busy time of year. I guess it the year for great family vacations :) Cant wait to see the girls they are getting so big. Take care Em

Love- Andrea