Sunday, May 24, 2009

Yard Sale update

Just a random picture I threw in there.

I had a couple people ask me how we did on our yard sale.. Let me just say it was a LOT of work, I am completely worn out and ready to go to bed, BUT!!! It was TOTALLY WORTH IT! Combined Katy and I made about 700 dollars. I was shocked!!! Most of that was made in the first day. I was so glad when it was over though lol. But it was well worth the effort. My friend Ali asked me on my last blog entry if I felt liberated getting rid of all my "junk".... oh goodness yes. I can't believe how much nicer it feels in this old run down house. Even though most of the stuff we got rid of was tucked away in cupboards and closets, just knowing it's gone and I don't want to worry about it anymore is like a weight off my shoulders!!! And no Ali!! I won't be accumulating more junk lol.. Ok I probably will, but all that means is that there will be stuff for another yard sale here in a year or two!

One of the great things about this, is that Chad is now very excited about getting rid of his "junk". He said he wants to go through all his stuff and throw it in to the pile next time. You know how long I have been begging him to go through his junk so we can get rid of it! lol. I guess it took a good yard sale to kick him into gear. But I can't complain about him too much. I spent three days at Katy's house (btw, thank you soooo much for letting us do the yardsale there!!! I know I probably left a huge mess for you, love ya sis!) , and figured when I came home there would be a nice mess awaiting my return. But to my surprise, I walked into a house that was as clean as I'd left it. Dishes washed, bed made (yeah, that one REALLY shocked me), and clothes in the hampers. Thanks Babe! I love ya.

Besides that, it was a fun weekend. Joey and Avery had lots of fun, and got into LOTS of trouble, but played themselves silly and were easy to put to bed every night. I'm burnt from laying in the sun today by the pool, not a good idea, but it felt good at the time haha. Layla and Mallory are worn out from just being in the heat, but everybody's in a good mood, and excited to start planning for our next big yard sale.


The Jernigan Family said...

I told you, another persons junk is someone elses treasure. It is amazing how much you can make. I just boxed up some of the suff that didn't sell and will do another one in a couple of months when we have our community one. It just felt so great to put $600 bucks into the bank. Plus I went around the house and picked up all the laundry coins and money etc...and made another $100!! Great Job guys! Congratulations guys, it is alot of work but well worth it.

Heidi said...

Our trailor we take camping is loaded front to back, top to bottom with yard sale stuff. We can't go camping until we sell it! Let me know when you have the next yard sale and I'll join ya if that's ok. I'd a been there for sure! Besides we need the trailor for camping in August and I don't want to miss our camping trip because of all my stupid junk!! I'll toss it to the lawn before I miss camping though!LOL Glad your yard sale went so great. It's always nice to put some extra money in your pocket!

Becky said...

Wow! I can't believe how well you guys did. That's awesome!

Cute picture!

Katy said...

Okay it's Tuesday now and I think I am finally recovered! :) Hey how did you get burnt cause I didn't! Ha Ha Ha!! :) Avery Joey really misses you! He woke up on Sunday from his nap to no Avery and was not a happy boy!

Ali said...

Whoa! You guys made a ton of money! How exciting! It is a lot of work, though, so I know how exhausted you must be. And how sweet of Chad to clean up the house...he's a keeper. :)

Judawn said...

That's great ~ we had a yard sale a couple weeks ago. It's amazing how much you can make and things you can't wait to get rid of. lol