Friday, April 24, 2009

Tricycles and Chuck E Cheese's!

This last week when the weather was really nice, we went out and Avery decided she was going to ride the trike. She got right on, and started speeding down the driveway lol. No, it took her a bit. Her legs aren't quite long enough for the pedals so she can't push the trike over big rocks and things, but she's doing pretty good! She also fell of the tricycle at one point and got her first road rash lol. But she got right back on and kept riding! What a big girl.

Tonight we went to Chuck E Cheese for Charlie's birthday. Avery wasn't so sure at first, of course she'd just woken up for a 5 minute nap in the car which is never a good sign lol, but after a bit of waking up, and a LOT of sugar!! She was having tons of fun. Pappy held the babies for a while too. He was loving on Mal. Here are a few pictures, and a couple videos for everybody!

She wasn't so sure about this ride at first lol.

I think she started to warm up to chuck e cheese's after this car ride.

She even got to talk to Chuck on the phone!

Then he came out, and she was all smiles. I thought she might be scared of him, but she really liked him!

They are singing happy birthday I think right here.

Pappy with Layla and Mal. Mal is the one looking this direction.

Nice smile Pappy.

I love this picture. I don't think he knew I was snapping picture of him at this point lol. She was really having fun on this tricycle!She fell down!!! Here's her batlle scar lol.
and just a second later, back on the tricycle, road rash and all!! What a kid.


FarnsworthFam said...

HOW CUTE EM!!!! Love the battle scar!!! Tough girl...just like you!! The pic of your dad is priceless...don't you love catching that kind of thing...melts your heart!!

The Jernigan Family said...

I love love love the picture of your dad kissing on Mal. How cute! We missed you this weekend year the twins will be 2 more limits! Love ya

Ali said...

Hey, Avery just needs about 10 more road rashes to catch up to Joey! LOL. She is such a tough girl, though. Just like her momma. :) Glad you guys enjoyed yourselves at Chuck E. Cheese. It doesn't look that crowded there! We are gonna have to get together at the park once school's out. Would love to visit with you!

Katy said...

Avery is a toughie, takes after her Aunt! LOLOL NOT!!! We all know she gets it from you Em! I love watching Dad with his Grandkids! You sure can tell he loves all of them! :)