Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Saturday and Sunday

So Iknow I must be like the last person on here to post an Easter blog, but better late then never! Saturday we went over to my Granny and Pa's house and had lots of fun visiting with family and hunting for Easter Eggs. Then Saturday night we went down to Nana's and visited with more family! It was great, until Saturday night when Avery got sick on Nana's white carpet... not so fun. Then she got sick AGAIN on Nana's hard wood floor.. so maybe it wasn't just sweets. So we go home, and she gets sick in the middle of the night in bed. Oh man, I felt so bad for the kid! She woke up on Sunday feeling a little tiny bit warm, but nothing terrible, but her tummy must have still been upset because she had some not so nice diapers. So, Easter was fun... lol. It was really hard missing church on Easter. I even cried a little Sunday morning, but I knew I couldn't take her to church the way she was. Then, I hear about how awesome it was!! But it's awesome every Sunday.

Even so, with everything going on, we managed to have a decent Eater Sunday. Chad's parents came up to the house so we didn't have to drag Avery down town, and we ate a nice dinner, and she got her Easter basket. I'm so thankful for what God has done in my life, and in my family's life. On Easter, it only reminds me again of how powerful he truly is! The fact that he had/has defeated death!! WOW. Thank you Jesus! He is risen, He is risen indeed! Avery Sunday morning.. doesn't she look lovely lol. I don't think she was feeling all that great even though you never would have known by the way she was running around!
She loved these little windmills.

Saturday at Pa and Granny's. She was trying to figure out how to open her egg.

With her cousin Ella. Isn't she a doll.

I love this picture, something about the expression on her face makes me smile :)

This is just one I threw in... this is what happens when I get sidetracked with screaming babies and I'm trying to fill the sink with soapy water.

What a great big sister!!! I love all three of my girls. God has been so good to us. Layla cracks me up (she's baby on the right) she always has this stunned deer in the headlights look on her face LOL. And there's Mal, with a totally chill look on hers. So funny.


the waud's said...

Happy Easter Em to you and your Family. So sorry to hear that Avery was so sick poor little one:(
I would have to agree that picture of Avery is priceless she is such a cutie. The baby girls are getting so big! Hope to see you all soon :).

Ali said...

Layla does look funny in that picture...you're right! So sorry Avery's sick - and I noticed right away that you weren't at church so I knew something had to be wrong. Glad you got to visit with family, though. That must have been really special to see so many of your family members in one weekend! Hope you're all on the mend now and that you're having a better week. Love ya!

Katy said...

Poor Avery, glad she is feeling better, now Joey is well PU! LOL Those girls are so cute! I hope Avery always knows how much we love her! She has a special place in my heart! Of course those babies do too! Thanks for giving me three beautiful fun spunky wonderful nieces! Love ya Em

Mama Mimi (Dana) said...

I love the look on Avery's face in the picture where she holding Layla and Mal. She looks so proud. Love them all.

Megan said...

We were happy to get to meet Mallory and Layla at Granny & Pa's! They are both so cute, and we're amazed at how big and strong they are. It was fun to see Avery all dressed up and to see her and Ella looking at that egg together. :) Neither quite knew how things worked.
Just have to add, Ella also loves those little windmill things.
Hope Avery is feeling better & you're staying well, you amazing mom!

Heidi said...

Cute pictures Em. You have such beautiful little girls and I just love them to pieces! I hope Svery's feeling better now.

Judawn said...

Sarah and I have so much fun looking at the girls. I can't believe you both have twins! Zachary and Paige love seeing the twins too.:)