Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dr. Apppointments, BBQ and a Haircut!

There's been quite a bit going on lately it seems like in the Barnhart household! On the 17th, Layla and Mal went in for their 2 month well check. Here's what we got on them, Mallory weighed 11 lb 3 oz, and was 21 3/4" long. She's really gotten to be a little chub. Layla is still just a little over a pound behind. She weighed 9 lb 12 oz and was 21" long. Avery had her 2 year well check about a week before that. She weighed 30 lb 6 oz, and was 34.5" long. They are all goign to get their pictures taken this coming Monday! I hope the weather's good so we can get some outdoor pics, but I'm not holding my breath...

Last Saturday Chad and I decided to throw a little BBQ for st. patricks day! We had quite a few people over, and of course it started raining on us, but we all scrunched into our little house and had a lot of fun inspite of the weather! Thanks to everybody that came and brought yummy food!

After a lot of nagging by Mimi, I finally decided it was time to take Avery in and get her hair cut. It was really hard to part with the mullett, but we did it. I was so heartbroken at the thought of cutting her hair for some reason, but when it was done, I was so glad I did it. It turned out really cute! She did pretty good for her first hair cut, no crying, no screaming (which shocked me lol). It helps that the place that cut it, monkey dooz, has cool seats and cartoons to watch while they cut your kids hair. And best of all, she got a sucker!

And and Mike

Cyle sitting with all the kiddos.

This is similar to the cake that I had that day, but the one I made for the BBQ was white. Still, pretty cool huh!

She wasn't so sure about getting her hair washed, that was the hardest part, but she still did pretty good. She made me hold her hand LOL.
Once she hit the Barbie Jeep car seat, she was perfectly fine.

She started to fuss after a bit because she wanted down, but the sucker calmed her right down. Shocker right? lol.

This is the final product in the back. I know, cute!

And of course I had to buy a little barrett to put in her hair to keep those bangs out of her face. We're still trying to let the bangs grow out, so I didn't get them cut at all.
So there's a little of what's been going on. I can't believe she's had her first hair cut! I think it was so hard for me because it means she's getting older. I love ya monkey!


Katy said...

The haircut is adorable! Love you Avery! Thanks for the BBQ Em, it was so much fun! You should do it again! Ha Ha! It's not often that I go to a BBQ that I'm not putting on, and it's so much more fun to be the guest! LOL

The Jernigan Family said...

So cute! I know what you mean about feeling bad about the first haircut. Jeramy won't let me because he says it is the hair they are born with, but I am trying to grow her bangs out too, and she has SO much hair. Her and her dad have matching muppet hair when they wake up lol. Clips and bows are addicting, thank goodness I had a girl. Sounds like the girls are getting bigger by the minute...when in April is Katy coming over and do you think you will too? Love ya

Heidi said...

I love the new haircut! It is very cute.

Mama Mimi (Dana) said...

Oh my gosh. Avery looks like such a big girl now. the little baby is gone. Boo Hoo. So cute.

Colleen said...

Super cute hairdo Miss Avery! Looking good girlie!

Nana said...

Avery's hair is darling. Don't worry mom she still looks like a 2 year old.