Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Marge and Avery

Almost a year ago we got our third doggy. She's Avery's dog, and both Avery and Marge know it. It's so funny to watch them together. Avery kisses her and pats her belly, and Marge acts like she's just in the lap of luxioury. She's a good dog, just wish we could get her to stop digging holes!! Any suggestions?

Next year we're going to let her have puppies with our dog Homer. Homer is half chesepeak half german shorthair, and Marge is pure bread german shorthair. I guess they call the cross pointer bays. They should be some really pretty dogs. Good hunting dogs for sure. Those dogs love birds!
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Katy said...

Those are so cute! Avery, you are a cheese ball! Love ya!

Ali said...

Those pictures are so cute! Avery is a cheesey girl, isn't she? Hey, why did you name your dog after my mom?

Colleen said...

It's nice to have good pets. They look like good buddies too! Sadly my kids like the neighbors dogs better than our own dog. I would have to too. But ours is ok. I don't think he'd let them do what Ms. Avery is doing though. She's too funny. I hope I get to see more of her (and you too) now that school is almost over and done with. BTW... I have lots of baby toys and things that you and Katy are more than welcome to have when Meggie is all done with them which will be soon. I'll let you and Katy work out the "who gets what" but I know the one Leap Frog table thing is all yours cause she already has one. Anyway...really hope that we all get to hang out more this summer.

Sonya said...

What an easy going dog! I can't believe she is ok with your young one sitting on her! What fun pictures. :)

I came over from Everyday Becky's blog. Good job on completing your task.

My ADHD Me said...

Hi. I saw your comment on Sonya's blog and decided to check you out. I read a few back and especially could relate to the Hacking one. My 12 year old can do just about everything on the computer. I have to go to him for help all the time.
Kids are SO smart.
your yard looks great!
Monkey's are Funny

Katy said...

Em your floating baby has arm and leg buds! How cute! : ) I hope your Dr. apt. goes great today! Love ya!