Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Avery and Dodo

I was looking at some old pictures yesterday, and I came across a couple of Avery and her cousin Joey. She calls him Dodo, I love it. She's always been quite a bit smaller then him, but this top picture cracks me up. They are only 24 days apart. I think this was taken just a few days after she was born.

This is my favorite picture of Joey and Avery. We went and got their 6 mo pictures taken together, and had them use the saddle prop. There was no situating them here, they just sat there and posed themselves. I love this picture! I love the mischievous look on Avery's face lol. I really hope they'll be good buds forever.

They sure do have a lot of fun together now, that is, when one isn't pummeling the other one over the head with something. Joey loves to smother her in kisses, and Avery likes to, well, she just likes to beat Joey up lol. I have so many pictures of Avery and Joey in Hawaii, and almost every single one of them is of Avery pushing Joey down. Joey has started fighting back though!

I'm pretty sure as long as things like this are going on, Avery and "Dodo" will get along swimmingly! It's so fun having a cousin so close to the same age, and Avery definitely loves her big cousin Dodo.


Colleen said...

DoDo...I love it!! I love that last pic of him watching Avery have her cake, like a little begger asking for crumbs...LMAO!! He was funny at Meagans party while she dug deep into her cake he came up very slowly and dipped just a finger and thumb in and took just a little for himself. Funny little Dodo! It's great Ms. Avery holds her own...they crack me up. I can't wait to see them all more this summer!

Katy said...

Oh that made me cry. I love those pics and I can't believe how much the two of them have grown! I wonder what Joey will call her when he does start calling her something. I think as long as we are so close there is no way for them not to be buds! Best buds I hope! Love you!

Ali said...

SUPER cute, Em! Those two are such little buddies, huh? It is nice having a cousin so close, and it's great that you and Katy are so close, too. You've got a lifetime of laughter and fun together, I'm sure! (Now let's hope Gunny doesn't happen across your blog...)

Em said...

LOL, I know. I was wondering who Gunny was???

The Jernigan Family said...

so cute! Katy needs to have a girl then all of them will be 9 months apart, and you need to have another girl too :o) Man I wish we lived closer! Love you