Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New pics!

I love messing with this new photo editing site! (Thanks Mia ;) ) Since I got my new camera I have been loving a few of the pictures I've taken! It's been about a year now since I first bought it, and now with this software I can really play! Here are a few of my recent photos. If you want to edit any of your own pictures go to and try it out! It's a whole heck of a lot of fun!

First day of preschool!
Mr. Levi
Ballon Rally Horse Ride!
My beautiful Avery
The Prosser Fountain!
At Nana's Pulling the wagon!
Layla and Mal taking a ride!
My beautiful Mal :)
Smiley face Layla!
One Big Momma! Eeeeew!
Softer picture
My handsome Levi


Josh Sonshine Blessed w 3 said...

Beautiful pictures Em! Editing IS so much fun. Avery was very cute the first day of school!

Becky Avella said...

Great pictures!! : )

Judawn said...

Wonderful pictures ~ and such a beautiful family!

Becky said...

thanks for the site - Im gonna check it out!

rastreator said...

Beautiful blog, Congratulations!!!

Tiffany Jewelry said...

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Steve n Vickie said...

Pikniks is the best. Love your pictures. You got some great ones.